An ABM Platform with Intent Data and Install Base Intelligence

Besides just gaining access to our database of standalone B2B intent data, our platform allows users to build company lists, contact lists, and even append data depending on the topics and subscription plans chosen. With Intent DataCloud, you can easily and confidently search, build, and export data to engage in more effective.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Lists made up of companies that are showing intent to make a purchasing decision on the types of solutions that you offer. On top of that, you can build lists to meet your organization’s company size targeting, and industry targeting values, as well.

Install Base Intelligence

In addition to standard targeting and building intent data lists, our platform also allows you to search for companies that are using specific technologies (such as Salesforce, Oracles, VMware, etc.). You can then build-out and export lists based on companies currently using competitor products, etc.

Geographic Targeting

Intent DataCloud gathers information on content consumption all over the world… So if your target is somewhere outside of North America, we have you covered! Our intent analytics span the globe, and data is regularly gathered from sources in countries within the EMEA, APAC / APJ, and LATAM regions, among others.

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