An Intent Data Platform, List Building and B2B Contact Appending

A Proprietary B2B Intent Data Platform + Intent Data List Building

The prospect of utilizing B2B Intent Data grows in popularity almost daily. With a truly fresh take on intent analytics, Knowledge Hub Media’s Intent DataCloud platform analyzes the content consumption of B2B companies and their employees in an effort to determine when there is active demand for specific types of products, services and technology solutions. In other words, Intent DataCloud’s analytics can provide actionable insights and uncover information about the companies that are most likely to be engaged in the buying cycle – for specific types of products and solutions (i.e. your products and solutions).

Intent DataCloud’s analytics are based on organizational content consumption, such as white paper downloads, asset and webinar registrations, website and landing page analytics, dedicated email marketing promotions, and social listening. In a nutshell, the intent data records houses within our platform can predict “your future customers” before they are even aware that they’re actively looking to buy.

Intent DataCloud’s back-end data analytics use multiple sources to identify organizations that are actively researching specific products and solutions, with an implied intent to purchase said products and solutions in the near future (more to come on the timeline). Currently, the platform encompasses over 700+ unique and targeted “Intent Topics.”

Based on white paper downloads, asset registrations, social interactions, and overall B2B content consumption, Intent DataCloud generates intelligent intent analytics that can be leveraged by our customers to easily:

  • Build an export “Target Accounts Lists” (ABM Lists) made up of companies that are already interested in their products and solutions.
  • Overlay current targeting criteria – such as industry selects, company sizes targeted, and ideal annual revenue ranges – on top of companies that are associated with the appropriate intent topics for their lines of products and services.
  • Identify companies that range anywhere on the buying spectrum – from “actively researching” specific services and solutions, to those who have allocated budgets already in place, to the bottom of the funnel companies, that are ready to pull the trigger and decide on a vendor…
  • Depending on the current intent data and 3-tiered intent scoring, the impending purchase can be predicted to occur within the next 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, or even 30 days.

Speaking of scoring, Intent DataCloud’s 990,000+ intent data company records are scored in three separate ways – allowing users to gauge and prioritize accounts that are showing higher levels of intent than others.


B2B Contact Appending and List Building via Intent Data

On top of intent data company records, Intent DataCloud also offers an intuitive data appending service – where we append targeted B2B contacts from companies showing intent to purchase your products and solutions.

Please contact us for more information about B2B Intent Data Contact Appending.


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