Scoring Buyer Intent with 2x “Intent Scores” and “Buying Temperature”

Intent DataCloud’s platform also intuitively scores all intent data records in three (3) very different and intuitive ways.

Intent Score

Is an indication of the level of interest an organization has in any given intent topic based on content consumption type, frequency, and cross-organizational volume. The regular intent score can be used to gauge the overall potential for conversion on a single intent topic, and, to allow for the prioritization of accounts. Our traditional “Intent Score” can actually be your best indication of purchase intent if you are promoting only one or two specific products/solutions. Intent scores are provided in numeric ranges between 5 and 9 (and anything in between). A score of 5 is the lowest grade that a company record can receive, while a score of 9 is the highest (also indicating the most potential to buy for associated intent topic).

On top of our baseline Intent Score metric, our platform adds two additional layers of insight for each intent data record:

Synthesized Intent Score

A combined score, calculated by the amount of related content that is being consumed. For example, if a company is researching “Artificial intelligence (AI)” – and also consuming content on related topics such as “Machine Learning” – this could positively impact the Synthesized Intent Score. These types of combined or converged intent scores, just like regular Intent Scores, are also assigned either a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 value – with 9 being the highest score, indicating the most intent to purchase.

Buying Temperature

Scored from “Level 1” (highest level of intent) to “Level 4” (lowest level of intent), the buying temperature is available when companies have actively expressed that they have a current budget in place and/or a buying timeframe for the specific intent topic(s) that you are researching. Buying temperature data is a product of information provided via internal BANT and HQL/SRL types of content syndication and demand generation campaigns – where contacts indicate that their company is currently in the buying cycle for a specific (your) solution, and that they have a budget in place (or buying timeframe) for the solution of interest.

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