How can Intent DataCloud supercharge lead scoring and conversion rates, sales pipeline optimization, and enhanced ROI metrics? History makes the case for B2B intent data.

Intent Data has been going strong for a couple of years, now, and we have already heard some real success stories via beta testers, case studies, testimonials, lead scoring metrics, conversion rates, and overall ROI calculations.


Based on recent case studies* and internal organizational KPI’s, here are just a few of the notable success stories / case studies from some well-known B2B brands over the last few years:

  • Salesforce experienced a return-on-investment of 271% for digital display and paid social ads thanks to intent data targeting. The use of intent data also cut Salesforce’s typical sales cycle time down by 33%.
  • Fortinet was able to significantly increase their efficiencies in terms of account prioritization with the use of intent data, which in turn, helped them drive their sales pipeline and increase revenue growth.
  • Veristor experienced a two-fold increase in email open rates, an 18% increase in event attendance with intent data.
  • Oceanos increased their email marketing engagements by more than 25% with targeted intent data.
  • Marketo integrated intent data directly into their marketing automation platform, which greatly assisted sales and marketing by helping them identify the right accounts to engage with.
  • DataStax utilized intent data to prioritize accounts for social media and account-based marketing programs. The results yielded a 40% increase in paid social engagement, and a 60% increase in Terminus display advertising.
  • Turbonomic was able to increase their email conversion rates by 36% with the implementation of intent data.
  • OneLogin doubled their marketing campaign engagement and shortened their sales cycles via the use of intent data.


Now let’s learn a bit more about Intent DataCloud, and B2B intent data analytics, in general:

What makes Intent DataCloud different from our competitors?

How many B2B intent topics have you been able to uncover, and what are they?

What factors go into determining buyer intent and intent levels for specific companies researching our solutions(s)?

What ratings scale is used to measure and identify companies with the highest levels of perceived buyer intent?



* Please Note: As Intent DataCloud’s platform is emerging in the B2B Intent Data market, these case studies were neither conducted by nor analyzed internally by Intent DataCloud, and rather, were syndicated from outside sources.