B2B Intent Data Analytics: How Intent DataCloud’s actionable insights can identify your future customers and optimize your sales and marketing strategies.

B2B Intent Data is the easy way to increase sales and marketing conversions and ROI. Intent DataCloud’s back-end analytics use multiple sources to identify organizations that are actively researching specific types of products and solutions – YOUR products and solutions – with an implied intent to purchase in the near future. Our three-tiered intent data scoring system provides an overall company “Intent Score,” a “Synthesized Intent Score” (which takes related intent topics into account), and a “Buying Temperature” score – which gives insight into the purchase time-frames and budgets that potential customers already have in place for your products. Lead more about Intent DataCloud by checking out this easy to follow explainer video.



Introducing Intent DataCloud – An account-based marketing discovery platform leveraged to optimize lead scoring, increase conversion rates, and bolster sales revenue.

Intent DataCloud is a true B2B intent data analytics and account-based marketing discovery platform that measures the content consumption of B2B companies to proactively determine when there is active demand for specific types of technology solutions, products and services. Based on organizational content consumption, white paper and webinar registrations, website and landing page analytics, and social listening insights, our intent data analytics allow our customers to more easily predict, visualize, target and close their future clients. Watch out whiteboard video presentation below to learn more about Intent DataCloud’s buyer intent data analytics solutions. Also, be sure to check out some of the other resources on our website to discover how you can:

  • Leverage our B2B intent data analytics to increase conversions and gain actionable insights.
  • Identify companies that are currently in the buying cycle, and in many cases, ready to make a purchase decision within the next year, 6 months, 3 months or even 30 days.
  • Build targeted intent-driven ABM lists, and maximize your sales and marketing efforts by targeting the companies already researching your products, service and technology solutions.
  • More easily identify companies that already have budget and/or have a planned purchase time-frame in mind for one or more products, services or solutions (intent topics).



Learn more about how Intent DataCloud works.

What makes Intent DataCloud different from our competitors?

How many B2B intent topics have you been able to uncover, and what are they?

What factors go into determining buyer intent and intent levels for specific companies researching our solutions(s)?

What ratings scale is used to measure and identify companies with the highest levels of perceived buyer intent?